Kralendijk – On March 15, eligible voters can go out to vote for the Island Council elections and, if eligible, to vote also for the Electoral College. Voting is possible from 7:30 in the morning until nine in the evening. Due to expected crowds at the polling stations, we ask you to vote as much as possible during the day. The Public Entity of Bonaire has also requested employers through the Central Dialogue to allow employees to vote during the day. Voting can be done at any of the polling locations listed below. There are a total of 12 voting locations on Bonaire, and you can decide where to vote:

  1. Jong Bonaire + Jong Bonaire Kaya Libertador Simon Bolivar
  2. Sentro di Bario Tera Kora Kaya Monseigneur Niewindt
  3. Gym class Kristu Bon Wardador Kaya Avelino J. Cecilia
  4. Sentro di Bario Nikiboko Kaya Pos di Amor
  5. Sentro di Bario Amboina Amboina
  6. Sports hall Adventista Kaya Ramon 8
  7. Kompleho Deportivo J. Nicolaas Kaya Amsterdam
  8. Sentro di Bario Nord Saliña Kaya Cacique 9
  9. Sociedad San Antonio de Padua Kaya Rincon 66  
  10. Tia Sani Kaya Encarnacion B. Sint Jago  
  11. Mobile ballot box various locations; see bonairestemt.nl
  12. Building at the Airport next to the Fire Department – EEG Boulevard

What should you bring to vote?  

Don’t forget to bring your voting pass and ID to vote. You cannot vote without either document.

What should I do if I cannot go to vote myself? Are you unable to vote yourself, for example, because you are ill or temporarily abroad? Then you can ask another voter to vote for you. This is called authorization. You can only authorize someone if you cannot vote yourself. Everything about authorization is on the website.  

Everything you need to know about these elections, such as when, how, when, and why to vote, can be found on the website: www.BonaireStemt.nl