questions and answers

There is a lot to look at during the elections. We do our best to make everything as clear as possible for everyone. Below are the answers to the most frequently asked questions. Is your question still not answered? Then contact us. More information can also be found on the website of Rijksdienst CN.


Why are there Island Council Elections?

The Public Entity Bonaire has an Island Council and an Executive Council. Together these form the island government. The Island Council is chosen by the inhabitants of Bonaire. This happens once every four years. You can then vote for the candidates of the political parties.

what does the island council do?

The members of the Island Council represent the inhabitants of Bonaire. Island Council members should listen carefully to what is happening on Bonaire, so what the inhabitants of Bonaire want. Then they have to make plans for Bonaire and its residents. This also means that Island Council members determine where the money goes. They then check whether their plans are being carried out properly and whether the desired results are achieved.

what does the Executive Council do?

The implementation and implementation of the plans lies with the Executive Council; they are the daily management of Bonaire. The Executive Council is accountable to the Island Council. In addition, the Executive Council must perform a number of statutory tasks. In short: the Executive Council manages and executes, the Island Council determines the policy and controls it.

The voting process

who can vote?

The Island Council members are elected by:

  • citizens with Dutch nationality; or
  • citizens who hold a nationality of another country and on 3 February 2019 stay legally on Bonaire for 5 years without interruption.

For both above citizens, they are:

  • én op 4 februari 2019 woonachtig (=ingeschreven staan) zijn op Bonaire;
  • and residing (= registered) on 4 February 2019 are on Bonaire;
  • and reached the age of eighteen on 20 March 2019;
  • and are not excluded from the right to vote.

why do I have to vote?

By voting you choose your own representatives and you influence the choices that are made on Bonaire. In this way you have influence by who and how Bonaire is controlled.

How do I vote?

You can vote with your own voting pass. You will receive these by post no later than 14 days before the elections. If you are going to vote, you must also bring along a valid proof of identity in addition to your voting pass (es). For these elections, the identity document may have expired for a maximum of 5 years. If you can not identify yourself, you may not vote.

You will receive the ballot at the polling station.
You can vote in all designated polling stations on Bonaire, not only at the polling station mentioned on your voting pass.

Via this link the overview of the polling stations is made known.

When will I receive my voting cards?

You will receive your voting passes by mail by Wednesday 6 March at the latest.
You can apply for a replacement voting pass at the desk at Burgerzaken until 20 March at 12.00 hrs. For this, take a valid proof of identity.