Bonaire has more than 10 polling stations, at various locations in Kralendijk and Rincón. This page contains the addresses and photos of the polling stations. Click on the photo to see the location or check the map below for the nearest location in your area. You can cast your vote at any location you like. The nearest location will be indicated on your ballot paper. If you prefer to vote from a different location than indicated, you’re welcome to do that too.

Map of Kralendijk

Locatie stembureaus

11. Mobiele stembus

EEG Boulevard - tussen de Airport en Donkey Beach

12. Telling kandidaat stemmen

Kaya Amsterdam

Stembureaus Kralendijk

1. Jong Bonaire

Kaya Libertador Simon Bolivar 

2. Sentro di Bario Tera Kora

Kaya Monseigneur Niewindt 

3. Klaslokaal Kristu Bon Wardador

Kaya Avelino J. Cecilia 

4. Sentro di Bario Nikiboko

Kay Pos Di Amor

5. Sentro di Bario Amboina


7. Kompleho Deportivo J. Nicolaas

Kaya Ramon 8

7. Kompleho Deportivo J. Nicolaas

Kaya Amsterdam

8. Sentro di Bario Nord Saliña

Kaya Cacique 9

Map of Rincon

Kaart Rincon

Stembureaus Rincon

9. Sociedad San Antonio de Padua

Kaya Pos Di Amor

10. Tia Sani

Kaya Encarnacion B. Sint Jago