Public notification of voting by proxy

If you are absent on Wednesday 20 March 2019 or are unable to vote for another reason, you can grant someone else a power of attorney.


On the reverse of the voting pass you can enter the name of the authorized representative who will vote for you. You can authorize someone if that person lives on Bonaire and has received a voting pass for the elections of the Island Council or the elections for the Electoral College. The authorized representative may not accept more than two authorizations for each election. The proxy must also cast the proxy vote when he votes. He or she must provide a valid ID-certificate and also an ID-proof from the principal. The identity document may have expired for a maximum of 5 years.


You can also authorize someone in writing. You can request a form from the Department of Civil Affairs. This written request must reach the Department of Civil Affairs no later than Friday March 15th 2019. The authorized representative then receives the proxy proof and in that case does not have to show a copy of your proof of identity to the chairman of the electoral committee.


You can download the proxy form here:

Model L 8 – Request to vote by proxy


What is the recruitment of proxy votes?

By means of proxy procurements, the Electoral Act understands systematically addressing or otherwise personally approaching voters to allow them to issue a private power of attorney. This is punishable by law.


Recruiting power of attorney is contrary to the principle that the initiative for a request to vote by proxy and the choice of the authorized person lies with the voter.


Voting by proxy is for voters who are unable to vote themselves but want to cast their vote. Through a power of attorney they have the opportunity to have a representative vote for them.