Kralendijk – Voting passes will be sent to eligible residents over the next few weeks. If the voting passes were not received by mail during the week of March 1, voters could pick up their voting passes at the Department of Civil Affairs starting March 6. Often, voting passes that haven’t been received result from a missing mailbox or people who have moved and still need to provide their address to Civil Affairs.

Since the voting passes are issued in Dutch, one can view translations on the web page for clarification.

Note: If you are also eligible to vote in the electoral college election, you will receive two voting passes at home. One voting pass for the Island Council election and one voting pass for the Electoral College election. Do you want to vote for both elections? Then bring both votings passes with you to the polling place.

To pick up the voting pass, you can visit the Civil Affairs Department at Kaya Neerlandia 40 starting Monday, March 6, during regular opening hours from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. If the voting pass has yet to be received because of an outdated or wrong address, we request that you also write down your address details correctly.